Feline Boarding

We realize that our feline friends require special attention.  They enjoy having a lounge area with lots of quiet time.  We have a separate room for feline boarding where they can relax in peace.  We have large cat condos with a lounge rest.  If desired, the condos can be opened to allow the cat(s) to access up to 4 separate condos.  Call for price information.


Canine Boarding

This is our top of the line boarding for our canine friends.  With this boarding, the pet has its own indoor a/c cage or run.  They are taken out to a large play yard (28sq. ft.) twice a day to eat, potty, and play then brought back inside to rest in the climate controlled area.  We do have limitations on space for large dogs so book your reservation early.


Medications while Boarding

Many pets are in need of medications while boarding.  We can give medications up to twice a day.  There is a fee for each dosing of medication.  Boarding may be stressful for pets with serious health problems.  We do not board pets with serious health issues that are not patients of our clinic.  Please call and discuss your pet’s medical issues prior to boarding.


Special Feeding/Toys/Blankets/etc.

We feed a food that is designed to reduce diarrhea in pets that are boarding and may be stressed.  We highly recommend this food over other maintenance type foods that pets are fed at home.  If pets are on prescription diets for health reasons, we will feed that food at your request.  We do not recommend that you bring your own toys, blankets, food bowls, etc.  We provide everything that is needed and will not be responsible for items you leave with your pet.


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