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Should I have My Pet Microchipped?

As many as one in three pets get separated from their owners at some point in their lives. Even the most responsible pet owners can get separated from their furry companions. 

  • Indoor cats can slip out when service providers come to your home. 

  • Dogs can escape from the groomers or pet sitters. 

  • If there is a fire, the pet will be scared and may run away. 

  • Pets involved in car accidents can escape. 

  • Pets get scared off because of fireworks, etc. 

Why Microchips Instead of Tags?

Collars with tags can break or slip off. Microchipping in Cedar Park is permanent, can’t be tampered with, and has been proven to be safe. Tags can only provide limited information, while microchips are connected to a database that maintains your information. If you move, you can easily update the information with no need to reorder tags.

What Don’t Microchips Do?

The microchips do not act like GPS trackers. You will not be able to track your pet’s location.

The microchip also does not replace rabies tags, which may be required where you live.

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